Being diverse, open and sociable. So you can be you.

Studying at NHL Stenden means you get to explore life in the Netherlands and work and socialise with fellow students from all over the world. Located in relatively small student cities renowned for their friendliness, the NHL Stenden campuses offer a safe and diverse learning environment, where you can feel free to be who you are.

  • A home away from home
  • Safe and charming student cities easily accessible by bicycle
  • Diverse, open, sociable, so you can be you

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Réka Toth
2nd year student of Logistics Management

Réka Toth

Hungarian student Réka Toth has a clear reason for studying Logistics Management in Emmen: to be able to work in her father’s logistics company. Studying in the Netherlands costs about the same as in Hungary and since NHL Stenden has the only Logistics Management programme in Europe, it was an easy decision to move to the Netherlands.


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