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Investing in a top-rated international degree is definitely worthwhile – and made all the better if the student life that goes with it is also affordable. Not only are tuition fees at NHL Stenden relatively low, but you also get to enjoy well-priced housing, student amenities and travel opportunities. Add to all this the personal attention, the international environment and the practical experience you get as a student at NHL Stenden, and we’re confident you’ll recognise the value-for-money your study will have.


Chaman Preet Singh

Alumni 2014-2018 of International Hospitality Management and 2018-2019 MA International Hospitality and Service Management

Chaman Preet Singh just couldn’t get enough of NHL Stenden and stayed on after his bachelor’s to do a master’s in International Hospitality and Service Management. Yet Chaman isn’t working in the hospitality industry at all. He’s living proof that a degree in hospitality management has great value in other fields as well.


Arranging funding, paying fees, paying rent, buying groceries. There all an essential part of student life. We give you the low down on tuition fees, the expenses you may face, the student loans & grants you may be eligible for. Just click on the tiles be
6 reasons to choose NHL Stenden

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There’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing your degree and the best place to do it. You can find inspiration for your choice by downloading the full magazine on the 6 reasons to come study at NHL Stenden.

Your decision process may flip back and forth, which is all the more reason why you should, without a doubt, download the full magazine on the 6 reasons to come study at NHL Stenden