International cooperation to strengthen the region

NHL Stenden joined a network of seven European higher education institution RUN-EU (Regional University of Europe). Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, the Regional University Network – European University (RUN-EU) aims to create a common European university to innovate and shape future higher education, promote physical and virtual exchange and develop intensive cooperation between regional RUN-EU partners.

The theme of RUN-EU (regionalisation) is unique in Europe. The RUN-EU will secure the sustainable economic, social, cultural and environmental progress of its regions and stakeholders. RUN-EU will implement this mission by delivering on the future and advanced skills necessary for its students and stakeholders to successfully meet the challenges of the future, engage in societal transformation and promote active citizenship.

Thanks to its focus on the region, joining RUN-EU enables NHL Stenden to further leverage the focal areas of NHL Stenden - Vital Regions, Smart Sustainable Industries and Service Economy -  from an internationalisation perspective by entering into cooperation from the quadruple helix context in which the universities (of applied sciences) find themselves (cooperation between education, business, local government and social and cultural institutions).

This alliance is committed to transform higher education in Europe by:

  • fostering excellence and innovation in higher education
  • delivering future and advanced skills programmes
  • improving national and international competitiveness of associated regions
  • striving to secure a sustainable economic, social, cultural and environmental progress
  • and addressing big societal challenges, becoming a true engine of regional development.

The seven partners in the RUN-EU network and the regions in the countries concerned are:

  1. Polytechnic of Leiria - Portugal (Center Region);
  2. Polytechnic of Cavado and Ave (IPCA) - Portugal (Northern Region);
  3. Technical University of the Shannon - Ireland (Midlands West);
  4. NHL Stenden - Holland (Friesland Province);
  5. HAMK - Finland (Southern Region);
  6. Széchenyi István University (SZE) - Hungary (Győr-Moson-Sopron County)
  7. FH Vorarlberg - Austria (Vorarlberg)

Two projects arise from this: RUN-EU and RUN-EU PLUS.

RUN-EU PLUS-PROFESSIONAL RESEARCH PROGRAMMES FOR BUSINESS AND SOCIETY - aims to complement the RUN-EU European University action plans. This in developing an integrated long-term strategy for research and innovation (R&I) within our European University. This innovative Horizon 2020 project focuses on the development and deployment of collaborative practice-based research degrees. The portal RUN-EU PLUS below shows our vision, ambitions and intended impact.

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