Your accommodation, the utilities you use, your insurance, your day-to-day transport, your groceries. These are all regular costs of living and for many new students, it’s the first time they have to deal with them. We asked our students how they manage their budget so that you have a better idea of what to expect.


Living expenses

The information below provides a rough indication of your living expenses as a student at our university of applied sciences. You should at least expect to spend a minimum of € 1000 - € 1,250 a month (depending on the type of accomodation).

Accommodation incl. utilities (per month)€ 350 - € 800
Food (per month)€ 200 - € 350
Medical insurance (per month)€ 58*
Visa & residence permit fees
(once, only Non-European Students)
€ 228
IND screening, TB test€ 51

 In order to obtain/keep your residence permit when you have a nationality based on which you are obliged to do so, you must be prepared to undergo a tuberculosis test (TB) within the first three months of your arrival.  

*Non-European students need to pay the health insurance for the first year at once, the amount for the entire year is €700. Further details on health insurance in the Netherlands.

Other expenses

The table below shows expenses you may incur in addition to tuition fees and living expenses (for transport, entertainment, etc.): 

Single city bus ticketFrom € 2
Bicycle (used)From € 40
Dining out (main course)From € 20
Cinema ticketFrom € 12,50
HaircutFrom € 20
Sports pass (annual fee)From € 95
Single train ticket to AmsterdamFrom € 30
Return airfare Amsterdam–Rome (low-cost carrier)From € 80
Rental car (per day)*From € 25
Shuttle bus from the airport to Leeuwarden (one-way)€ 75

 *You will require a valid driving licence.

Be sure to always carry your student card with you, as many places offer student discounts.

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