Financial Support Fund

What is Financial Support Fund?

Financial Support Fund is a fund which offers financial support to students who have a study delay due to special circumstances. Each university is obliged by law to have a Financial Support Fund. You can read more about it on the website of the Dutch government (the text is only offered in Dutch).

In Dutch the Financial Support Fund is known by Profileringsfonds.

We recommend that you see a student counselor within 6 months if you have incurred a study delay due to special circumstances. Together you can discuss your eligibility for the Financial Support Fund.

You can make an appointment with the student counselor via Student Info by calling +31 (0)58 244 1155

Financial Support Fund Regulations

Student organizations

Each student organization who, according to their statutes, focuses on one or more of our courses or our student community, may be eligible for recognition. After recognition, the board can submit an application for a grand for board members. The Financial Support Fund contacts every known organization annually to inform them about the procedures.

Financial Support Fund regulations appendix

Recognised student organisations for 2020-2021

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