You will be fully equipped and ready for the future. That is our promise. We are convinced that life is about expanding your boundaries.

Our mission

We work together on world-wise innovation.

Our vision

Education and research are the bearers of personal development and social progress


  • Groundbreaking
  • Smart
  • Inventive
  • Connecting
  • Enterprising

Groundbreaking education

It happens, because we make it happen; that is what we believe. We strive to make the impossible possible by looking beyond the borders of our own professional fields. We encourage our students and staff every day to come up with innovative solutions to practical issues. We do this by collaborating with industry professionals. Students, lecturers, researchers, and industry professionals come together in workshops. This way, we prepare our students to become enterprising and resourceful professionals, who look beyond their own professional field with an interdisciplinary approach. 


Research and education are intertwined at NHL Stenden. Our university of applied sciences has 44 professorships of applied sciences. These are divided among our three focus areas: Vital Regions, Smart Sustainable Industries, and Service Economy. Together with local and international partners, we build and expand our expertise by employing practice-based research. 

Annual reports

NHL Stenden publishes its annual report in the June of the following year.