Arne Heuwekemeijer

Arne Heuwekemeijer
“Take your USP a step further so you can exceed expectations”
Arne Heuwekemeijer
Alumnus Hotel Management School

As General Manager for NH Hotel Krasnapolsky, Arne is a firm believer in experiencing all areas of hotel operations in order to be able to properly understand it and provide service above and beyond expectations.

Never underestimate the value you can add to the community

Our mindsets have changed over the past few years with both our guests and our staff now expecting us to have a sustainable approach across the board. It’s about more than how often we refresh the towels, it’s also about the products we use in the spa, our approach to drinking water, and our involvement with local projects. Like the local cookies we use for our turndown service that are packaged by a project for the homeless, and the Breakfasts against Loneliness we organise for the elderly in our Winter Garden. We get to hear amazing stories of their experiences here and it's so special for them, but also for us and our other guests.

Become a game changer

Sustainability is here to stay and new standards are being set in what we do. These standards are high and we have to go the extra mile and add value in order to stand out. And it’s the emotional value that differentiates us.

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