Jonathan Teoh

Jonathan Teoh
“To have impact, you have to change the narrative.”
Jonathan Teoh
Alumnus Hotel Management School

Co-founder of Doppio Espresso and now entrepreneur at Foodvalley, an international network of businesses working towards a sustainable food system, Jonathan is very much aware of how actions have consequence far more reaching than our immediate surroundings.

Always remember that everything comes down to human interaction

Entrepreneurs can get really excited about their product and build huge stories about why what they’re doing is so great. I want them to think about who buys it and why? If you don’t understand why your product is adding to someone’s life, then you don't know where to focus and your business will fall apart. We’re very good at presenting functional benefits and underestimating the power of the intangible. Instead of listening to what people truly care about, we just shout louder. Change this around, and you’ll find out what the true value of your product is. 

Become a game changer

Our ecosystem has become so abstract that it’s hard to see when you’re doing something that undermines or sustains it. Buying a new phone affects more than just you and your bank account and it's that bigger picture we need to be thinking about when we make decisions.

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