Lodewijk Kamstra

Lodewijk Kamstra
“Go the extra mile, dream big and be different. Then you’ll find success.”
Lodewijk Kamstra
Alumnus Hotel Management School

Throughout his career Lodewijk has applied his natural hostmanship skills in a commercial setting. Now working on his own entrepreneurial dream, he aims high and works hard to ensure everything is thoroughly researched and well thought out so he can achieve his goals.

If you want your brand to be successful in the market, you have to have a story: an authentic story

It took me about six months to develop my business plan and business model and I thought very carefully about my brand story. At the HMS, you learn how to present well and with a good presentation you can convince your peers, your guests or your customers – but the story you tell has to be an honest one and appeal to your market. People know when you’re being authentic, and if they feel they can trust you and you understand them, then you can build relationships. This is your customer base. It doesn’t really matter what business you work in, what you’re selling is emotion.

Become a game changer

Don’t fear change and always go the extra mile. So many markets are practically saturated but if you dare to dream big, think creatively and be different, then you’ll find success.

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