Nicole Murambiza

Nicole Murambiza
“I could ask questions in real time, that makes it more understandable”
Nicole Murambiza
Creative Business student

Nicole Murambiza started looking into higher education during the last two years of high school. Being a creative soul, the media sector drew her attention and with the help of an agent, she was able to narrow down her choices... to Creative Business at NHL Stenden. It offered her the chance to develop her skills, learn about different forms of media on an international level and, of course, study abroad.

Finding out what you need

“I decided to do the Study at NHL Stenden webinar. It seemed the right choice for making sure I had all the information I needed in order to apply for the university. It’s not every day that you apply for university, so I wanted to take every measure possible to make sure I had all the necessary things such as tuition fee and grades. There is something about asking questions in real time that makes it more understandable.  I also knew that other people would ask questions that I maybe hadn’t thought of, so I wanted to also join and hear what questions other people asked in case they applied to me as well. As it was, most of the questions I'd thought of were answered during the actual presentation. And this mean I really felt like it was catered to my needs.”

Getting reassurance

“Although I was already certain that NHL Stenden was going to be my place of study, I think joining the webinar gave me reassurance and comfort. Hearing about what the programme involved in each year of study helped me visualize the process and gave me a better understanding of what it would all entail. I remember the speakers were really kind – you could hear it in their voices. And it was nice that they would answer all the questions even if the answer was also on the website. Hearing someone say the words seemed to make the information easier to digest. They also talked about their own experiences. At the time, it was stuff that was nice to know but now I realize how useful it was to hear all these things. I've since gone through the same things and its reassuring that they're things other students go through too.”

Making your final decision

“If you've not yet made up your mind about where to study, then the pre-arrival webinar is a really good thing to do. Especially if you're in your final year of school and going through the application process. Speaking to students who have been through the process really helps and it adds to the credibility of the information you get. For me, it meant I got all the information I needed to complete my application and I was able to give my parents a clear picture of the living expenses I could expect (which was good as they're the ones that would be supporting me financially), and best of all, I felt confident I was making the right decision.


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