Noemi Calzolari

“The international environment has become an integral part of my life”
Noemi Calzolari
International Business student

When Noemi Calzolari was 16 she knew exactly where she wanted to be heading in her life. Her goal was to develop personally and establish a solid reputation through her capabilities and knowledge, assuring her a career in an international organisation.

“I took language classes at high school so that I could converse with people from all over the world. And I worked really hard to earn money so I could afford to study abroad. I’m so happy I didn't give up on my dream. I can already now say it was all worth it. Choosing a degree is a challenge but what worked for me was focusing on my core interests and future goals. When I realised that the international business programme was offering business-related topics in international environments and the study of languages, I knew it was the perfect choice for me.”

Versatile, diverse & practical

“I love studying international business and the versatile, diverse environment NHL Stenden offers. It reflects everything I want from my degree, especially because it prepares us for the real world by focussing on the practical aspect but also offering theory. Subjects like marketing and human resources allow my creativity to thrive and languages remain my passion. And thanks to the innovative approach to learning, even the subjects I'm not particularly passionate about are easier to understand. To make it all even better, the programme offers a wide range of opportunities, from minors that can be followed in every part of the world to the vast networks that are essential for building our professional identity.”

Real-life learning as a student

“The international environment has become an integral part of my life and I've learnt that combining different cultures and traditions in a study and work space allows you to open your mind and grow, both professionally and personally. I'm also president of the International Business Committee (IBCO). It's a community of students that help each other and have fun while acquiring knowledge in the world of business. Being involved in an association like this is important, I think. It's good to feel part of a society that shares your values and beliefs – and it allows you to work on real-life activities within an organisation, taking on a particular role and finding out what suits you and what doesn't.”

“My career dream is to work for an organisation that has the same values as I do. I've always had an interest in equality and the protection of our planet and I want to address the environmental and social challenges we face. It's why I already know what I want to do next: I'm going to go on to do a master's in sustainability or human rights. It's the next step towards achieving the goal I set when I was 16.”

To find out more about the programme, check out the international business programme page or chat to one of our students.