Twan Hakvoort

Twan Hakvoort
“Look for the win-win solution to a dilemma. It means you see the other person.”
Twan Hakvoort
Alumnus Hotel Management School

Twan Hakvoort is co-owner of hotel-restaurant-grand café 't Voorhuys and champions organisational happiness. When he raised his staffs’ salaries during the corona pandemic, some felt the move was radical; Twan felt it was natural.

It’s impossible to have success by yourself. You need others.

The nicest thing about living abroad is the realisation that you are the one that has to adapt. You have to be the stranger and you have to be a little afraid when pushing your limits. I apply the same approach to my business. It’s not about taking risks you can’t oversee, but of looking at things from others’ perspectives, being bold and finding ways to make a change. Changes that make your business more sustainable, more stable, that raise the wellbeing of your business, your staff and your guests. You need others and you need them to feel happy for your business to be a success.

Become a game changer

You’re a game changer when you can steer towards your goal and think about everything around you too. Look for the win-win solution to a dilemma as it means you see and acknowledge the other person.

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