We totally understand how important social connections are during your studies and how having friends around you can really make a difference. And it’s great to be able meet others before you even start your degree, to turn to people who have been through the same things, get their advice or help each other find solutions. It certainly adds to the excitement and it can take away any anxieties you might have in the time leading up to your studies. 


What is Goin'?

Goin’ is a secure social platform for new students. You can find other students who are going to join the same study programme, come from the same country or have the same hobbies. And you can join smaller groups sharing the same interests or start up your own community.  

  • Get in touch and maybe you can travel together to your new student home.  

  • Join groups with the same hobbies and keep up those football skills 

  • Get tips and advice on finding that great place to live, the best place for shopping, and the café with your favourite kind of coffee 

  • Join events and connect with people who will help you celebrate the good times and get you through the wobbly times.  

Simona - first-year Leisure & Events Management student from Slovakia

Goin’ helped me feel more confident when I moved to the Netherlands.

Before coming to the Netherlands, I reached out to some people through the Goin’ app, who were also going to study at NHL Stenden. Some of them, I hung out with right after I moved, and we became very close friends! 


Who can join Goin’? 

Goin' is an online community for all new full-time students and incoming exchange students, whether you’re coming from far or near and whatever your nationality. It’s a way of getting to know other people going on the same study adventure, connecting with peers and getting your social life in the Netherlands off to a flying start. 

Once you’ve been admitted to NHL Stenden, we’ll email you the access link. All you need to do is download the app, set up your profile and  join the NHL Stenden community. 

How does it work?  

Woohoo! You’ve signed up for your degree and know you’ve got a place. Shortly after getting your Letter of Acceptance, you’ll get an email with information about the Goin’ app. And then?  

Step 1

Register online by clicking on the red button in the email. Simply enter your email address and think up a great password. It’s just like so many other apps, so you know how it works, right?


Step 2

Download the Goin’ app for Android or Apple on your phone.


Step 3

Login and connect. Complete your profile, say where you’re from, what degree you’re going to study, and enter your interests and hobbies. 


Step 4

Then join groups you’re bound to love, check out the events you really don’t want to miss find useful information and connect with like-minded peers. You can even create your own group. 

You’re on your way! Keep building your network and turn worry into confidence.