NHL Stenden employees and students come out of their bubble and open up to fun and inspiration at the ‘Open Up’ kick-off of the new academic year

Open Up NHL Stenden

After a long period of working and studying almost fully from home, NHL Stenden finally opens its doors again for students and employees on Monday 30 August 2021. And that calls for a celebration. During the ‘Open Up’ festival, in the week of 30 August, NHL Stenden will offer various activities in Leeuwarden to give attention to the fact that the university of applied sciences is slowly reopening. NLH Stenden invites employees and students to open up to each other, new colleagues and (fellow) students and to knowledge and inspiration after a turbulent time.

Özcan Akyol (Eus) talks to the Executive Board

In order to officially welcome the new academic year, writer and presenter Özcan Akyol (Eus) will talk with various guests and the Executive Board. The corona crisis and the impact of it on education will be the subject of discussion, but we will mainly look forward: which lessons may be learned and taken for the future and which challenges does the university of applied sciences face? Eus’ challenging and direct style of questioning is expected to provide an interesting start of the academic year. The interview will be broadcast via livestream for all NHL Stenden employees and students.

First Dates Restaurant

Another activity is the First Dates Restaurant, based on the successful tv show of the same name, at Restaurant Wannee. Employees can register and meet (new) colleagues during a date, on which occasion they will be attended to by students of our own Hotel Management School.

Design Based Education

NHL Stenden also opens its doors to businesses. Contacts from professional field and (potential) new interesting companies for students may get better acquainted with the university of applied sciences through a workshop. During this workshop, lectors Migchiel van Diggelen and Job van ’t Veer will discuss Design Based Education (DBE), the unique NHL Stenden educational concept.

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