NSE results: overall student satisfaction with NHL Stenden rises

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NHL Stenden students' general satisfaction with their university of applied sciences has risen, according to the results of the National Student Survey (NSS). The NSE was conducted early this year at all higher education institutions in the Netherlands: the results were published on Wednesday. 10,080 students at NHL Stenden completed the survey.

Compared to a year ago, NHL Stenden saw overall student satisfaction - on a scale of 1 to 5 - rise by 0.03 points to 3.63. That figure is equal to the average of all large universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands: these are the universities of applied sciences with more than 10,000 students.

Good connection to professional practice

With the NSS, organiser Studiekeuze123 asks students questions about various aspects of education. Among other things, they are asked to rate 'the connection with professional practice' and 'the content and structure of education'. On these two themes, NHL Stenden is among the top three of the major Dutch universities of applied sciences.

Erica Schaper, chairperson of the Executive Board: "It is very nice to see from the NSS results that our students feel the programme is well aligned with professional practice. This is also what we aim for with our educational concept Design Based Education (DBE), among other things. At NHL Stenden, you work on real-life issues from the very beginning and cooperate a lot with the professional field."

Study facilities, atmosphere and commitment

Students also appreciate the study facilities, the atmosphere at the programme and "commitment and contact". Compared to the other large universities of applied sciences, NHL Stenden scores second, third and fourth in these areas respectively. The NSS shows that there is room for improvement in the sections 'provision of information from the study' and 'testing and assessment'.

Schaper: "The NSS is a wonderful instrument. The NSS gives us a good picture of our strengths and areas where we can and must improve. Because who better to indicate that than our own students? Their feedback is extremely valuable to us: we use this to work on further optimising our university and our education."

National Student Survey

The National Student Survey (NSS) is an annual national satisfaction survey. The results show how satisfied current university and college students are with their courses and educational institutions. In total, over 289,000 students completed the questionnaire this year.