Students feel at home at NHL Stenden

A safe learning environment is essential to be able to complete your studies properly and to develop yourself as a person and an aspiring professional. Over 73% of the students of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences indicate that they feel at home with the study program and are able to be themselves. In addition, the content of the study program is well aligned with the professional practice and the students assess the guidance and content expertise of teachers as positive. This is evident from the results of the National Student Survey (NSS), with which NHL Stenden, with more than 10,000 respondents, achieved by far the highest response rate among the large institutes of higher education (>10,000 students). The university is more than satisfied with this valuable feedback.

Erica Schaper, chair of the Executive Board: ''We are pleased to hear that students feel at home with the study program. Nothing is more important than studying in an environment where you are challenged to develop yourself optimally. Our lecturers play a crucial role in this. They not only act as content experts but also as coaches. This is how we train our students to be the professionals who can make a difference in society. We are pleased with these results, are proud of our teachers and also see room for improvement. That is what we are going to focus on in the coming period.''

To be able to be yourself
A student from NHL Stenden: ''I can always be completely myself at the program, both with the teachers and with my fellow students. Because the teachers consider me an equal and I get along well with my fellow students, it felt good from the start. Even if things are not going so well, you are never alone. In addition to the teacher, the study career counselor also plays an important role. The study career counselor is there not only for questions from the study, but also, for example, if things are not going well in the student's private life. The student also adds: "It is nice to get tips and tools now and then, during the lockdown period and now that we are back at school.

Working together for even better education
With the results of this NSS, the students indicate that the university of applied sciences has the basics in order on many points. There is room for improvement in the areas of "testing and assessment", more clarity regarding the criteria on which students are assessed, and "information from the study program". In the near future, the programs will enter into dialogue with their students in order to strengthen this component. In this way, the response of our students will be used to improve education throughout the university and for each study program in a targeted manner.