Students Hotel Management School explore the kitchen with VR glasses

VR-bril HMS 2

On Monday 29 August, the first group of students started testing the VR glasses that Hotel Management School will use from now on to prepare for practical education. After almost a year of preparation, the time had finally come.

Students are positive

A totally new way of teaching that makes learning even more fun', says Frederik van der Meulen enthusiastically. ‘By bringing theory forward by means of inspiring tools and gadgets, instructors can get straight to work and don't have to explain the basics first'. The first reactions from students are positive! It's like being at the cinema, only the popcorn is missing', joked one student. That's actually a good way to describe it. You put on the VR goggles and can choose different options. For example, you can study vegetables, fruits and herbs up close. You can almost smell and taste them. And you can walk around a kitchen and learn how equipment works and what you use it for.

Game changers in education

Together with MetaChef, Marit de Vries, Shivani Mirchandani, Frederik van der Meulen and La Verne York developed this online learning environment with which students can prepare themselves for practical training. This works a lot more efficiently and makes an important contribution to innovation within education. We are the first university of applied sciences to use VR in this way," says Marit. This week several 'student test teams' will be deployed. Based on the feedback from these teams, adjustments will then be made. A wonderful example of co-creation between students and staff of NHL Stenden Hotel Management School and NHL Stenden Hospitality Group.

Future expansion

The virtual environment is now primarily focused on the kitchen. At a later stage we also want to add Rooms Division, Hotel and for example Spa & Health, says La Verne. 'It is important that we bring diversity to our classes, adds Shivani. Not only by making it visual, but also not only learning from books. A few more games will be added to the environment in the near future. For example, how to mix drinks and how to make sushi. In short, a very cool way of education to be proud of.

Later this year, Marit and Frederik - together with Erwin Losekoot - will work on 2 more research papers focused on the use of VR in education.