Adjustments and facilities

NHL Stenden offers an array of possible adjustments and facilities, which could offer you a suitable solution. Your student counsellor will work out a solution tailored to your situation with you. Below are several examples of facility adjustments.

Educational facilities

  • additional counselling by the personal coach or the student counsellor
  • agreements on attendance requirements
  • adjustments to the timetable or study hours

Examination facilities

  • extra time
  • tests provided on A3 size paper
  • completing tests in an environment with limited stimuli
  • completing tests aided by a reading programme
  • taking tests on a laptop

Material facilities

  • lifts
  • rest areas
  • accessible toilets and parking spaces
  • customised chairs

Financial schemes

  • The Student Financial Support Fund of NHL Stenden. You can apply for it if, due to exceptional circumstances, you cannot graduate within the standard study period.
  • If you have a Dutch student grant, the student counsellor can inform you about the DUO options. For example, for an extension of your (supplementary) grant, or of the degree period.

Workshops and training courses

  • choosing the right study programme
  • study skills
  • studying with dyslexia
  • coping with fear of failure
  • assertiveness
  • study group for students with AD(H)D or an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Study buddy

You may apply for a study buddy - a senior student in the same study programme who can help you on your way and/or offer additional individual support.