Travel in and to the Netherlands

After you have arranged your journey to the Netherlands, please make sure you fill out the arrival information on your iGo portal so we know when to expect you.

Registration on Campus

Please go to the Student Info desk as soon as you arrive on campus (or at the latest the following working day) so we can register your arrival. The staff at our student info offices on our campus sites can help you with settling into your new home town.

Telephone: +31 58 244 1155
WhatsApp: +31 6 12 31 81 10

Useful links for travelling in the Netherlands:


It is required by law that you always carry an identification card with you for if a police officer or other official asks for proof of identity. This may be a passport, ID card or Dutch driving licence. This is also important for when buying alcoholic beverages at the supermarket.


Please note that if you are planning to come to the Netherlands by car that the maximum speed limit on motorways has recently been lowered to a maximum of 100 km/h between 6am and 7pm.

On Dutch public transport, such as buses, trains, trams and metro, you need to use an OV-chipkaart. You top this chip card up with credit before you travel and use it to check in and out of public transport. Students can buy paper tickets, but they are more expensive than using the OV chip card. You can buy OV card at supermarkets, kiosks and train stations for €7.50 and then top it up with credit as you need it. It is possible to pay your fare on a bus with a bank card but cash is not accepted.

If you arrive at Schiphol airport you can take a train or taxi to the different student cities. Train tickets costs around €25. Check the travel planners above to prepare your journey.

You can book a taxi in advance through When you arrive at Schiphol airport you will need to go to the STA desk (see map below) with your voucher. We strongly advise you book your taxi in advance. If you would rather grab a taxi upon arrival, simply follow the signs to the official taxi stands. Please do not trust taxi drivers wearing yellow jackets or any other persons that offer you a taxi outside the official taxi waiting area as they are not reliable.

The costs for a pre-booked taxi, for instance, from Schiphol to Leeuwarden is around €150. A regular taxi transfer can be €300 or more.

If you arrive at one of the other airports in the Netherlands, you can plan your domestic travel using the public transport planner:

(in one of the neighbouring countries)

If you arrive at one of the airports in one of our neighbouring countries, you can use the international train planner to plan your trip to the Netherlands: