Tuition payment and refunds

The majority of the study programmes have a statutory tuition fee as prescribed by Dutch law. In some cases an institutional tuition fee is in effect, for instance if you are from a non-EU country, or if you would like to apply for a second bachelor or master study programme.

The institutional tuition fee is set by NHL Stenden’s Executive Board in consultation with the Participation Council and may vary depending on the study programme or group of students. Changes in the institutional tuition fee will always be approved by the Participation Council first. 

Tuition payment

Dutch and EU-students

If you live in the European Union and have a bank account in a SEPA country, you are required to fulfil tuition payment by automatic direct debit. To do so, please enter your payment details on the Studielink website and confirm your authorisation. Confirmation can only take place when your personal details have been verified by Studielink or NHL Stenden. The first automatic bank transfer will be in September, after your confirmation.


As a student from outside the European Union, you are required to transfer the full amount of the first-year tuition fee to Stenden. In subsequent years you may pay your tuition fee in instalments, once you have opened a Dutch bank account.

Changing payment information

You are allowed to change your payments details up until the moment you definitively authorise NHL Stenden’s automatic direct debit. To do so, go to ‘My study programmes’ at the Studielink website and select ‘Payment details’. Here you may choose to ‘Change payment details’. 

Should you wish to make changes to your payment method after you have authorised the direct debit, please contact your study programme on which actions to take. 

Automatic direct debit dates

Payment in instalments

Automatic direct debit transfers take place equally divided over terms, up to a maximum of nine. If you started your study in September, this will be around the 25th of each month. 

Please note that payment in instalments is subject to an additional administrative fee of €24 each year of study. These costs will be charged together with the first term payment.  

Payment in full

If you have started your study in September, the automatic direct debit of your tuition fee will be around 25 September.

In all other cases you will receive an email prior to each automatic direct debit with the exact transaction date.

Delayed payment

If NHL Stenden is unable to withdraw the tuition fee from your bank account, you will be in arrears for the specified amount. NHL Stenden students are advised to consult the student charter on iStenden, to take appropriate action should this situation arise.


Tuition fee refund

Refund of statutory tuition fee 

As a student in the Netherlands, you are allowed to cancel your study programme enrolment at any time. Any full month in which you are not enrolled entitles you to a refund of the statutory tuition fee. If you are not in arrears, the tuition fee for these months will be fully refunded to you, 56 days after the last automatic tuition fee withdrawal. 

July and August are exempt from this arrangement; tuition fees for these months will not be refunded.

Refund of institutional tuition fee

Institutional tuition fees are set for an entire year of study and do not qualify for a refund. Exceptions to this rule include graduation, passing away of the student, or consent of a student counsellor.