If you do not meet the conditions for the statutory tuition fees, then you pay the institutional tuition fees. This means you pay institutional tuition fees if:

  • You are not a citizen of the EU/EER, Switzerland or Suriname
  • You have already earned a similar diploma at another public-funded educational institute in the Netherlands.


Bachelor's€ 8,895€9,730*
Associate degree€ 8,895€9,730*
Master's€ 8,895€9,730*

* There are exceptions for a number of master studies. A different tuition fee applies for these programmes. Below you can find whether your study is one of the exceptions and you can view the corresponding tuition fees.

Setting the institutional tuition fee

The statutory tuition fee is set by the Executive Board. The university of applied sciences no longer receives government funding for students who have to pay the institutional tuition fee and so the fee is normally based on a combination of the statutory tuition fee and the amount of government funding the university would otherwise have received. In this way, the university receives a similar amount of money for these students to what it receives for students who pay the statutory tuition fee.