Many governments search for their authorizations in the digital environment. Municipalities are, most of the time, aware what their authorizations are in the event of physical disturbances. However, the frame is less known in terms of digital security. Sipke researches this gap, in cooperation with dr. Willem Bantema.

Sipke de vires

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Sipke de Vries (1994) started working as teacher-researcher at the research group Cybersafety in 2020. He graduated at the University of Groningen, where he received his masters of law. In his thesis Sipke researched the success factors of municipal cooperation. Sipke is specialized in public administration, like municipal and constitutional law. His contribution to the research group focusses on that knowledge. Besides his work as researcher Sipke works as a lecturer at the Thorbecke Academy, supervising students on their thesis and teaching subjects on different courses.