Dr. L.A. (Lucas Alexandre) Ramos 
Lecturer and Researcher Computer Vision & Data Science  

Academy Technology & Innovation 
Professorship of Applied Sciences in Computer Vision & Data Science  

Lucas Alexandre Ramos (1991) holds a PhD from the University of Amsterdam in Artificial Intelligence applied to cardiovascular diseases. During his PhD (2016-2020) he worked at the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Physics at the Amsterdam University Medical Center, where he explored   the topics of Representation Learning, Multimodal Data Modelling, Active Learning and Prediction Modelling and published over 15 journal articles. He later (2021) joined the department of Psychiatry to work on the topic of predicting dropouts from online addiction self-interventions using Machine Learning. He currently works as a lecturer and researcher at NHL Stenden Hogeschool at the Professorship Computer Vision & Data Science, where he is responsible for teaching and mentoring students from both minor and masters programs, and for managing and developing Computer Vision research projects. 

Lucas Ramos


Phone: +31 6 82 151 306  

Mail: lucas.ramos@nhlstenden.com  

LinkedIn: Lucas Ramos | LinkedIn  

Publications: Scholar