Academy Technology & Innovation  
Professorship of Applied Sciences in Computer Vision & Data Science  

Meintsje de Vries (1986) holds a degree in Business Administration from NHL Stenden Hogeschool. She has been working for NHL Stenden Hogeschool since 2006 and has performed a variety of teaching and research support activities within various positions. Since 2017, she is working for the Computer Vision & Data Science professorship. As coordinator, she performs various activities from policy advice to project, process and quality management. This for both teaching and research activities carried out within the professorship. As Project Manager, Meintsje has led the development and deployment of the Master's program and supervised its content. She is also co-designer and project manager of I'M A.I. - the expertise center for IMage processing & Artificial Intelligence.  

Meintsje de Vries


Phone: +31 6 13 833 075   


LinkedIn: Meintsje de Vries