In all applied research projects one of the most important outcomes is the prototype. This is a technical working system that shows the performance of the solution. This represents the final pinnacle of all research efforts and revolves around the following steps: 
  • Prototype it is the tangible demonstration of the work. This represents the main deliverable to the stakeholders. It includes all software and hardware components needed to reproduce experiments and is a strong base to continue to the next steps. 

  • Software and optimization is needed after successfully demonstrating performance of an algorithm in the prototypical phase. This step focusses on optimizing the solution for the practical application. This includes: algorithm optimization, mixed-precision and other model optimizations like pruning. 

  • (Robot) integration requires a well-designed interface between the vision system and the high level system. In our research we use either custom designed software interfaces for integrating the research or use existing platforms like Robotic Operating System (ROS). 

Smart data is the process of turning raw data into information. In research this involves cleaning and validating the data, performing visual and statistical analysis, applying algorithms and models, and leveraging advanced technologies to extract relevant information to provide insight. 

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