Lecturer-researcher Cybersafety Research Group

At the moment I am lecturer law and policy at NHL university of applied sciences in Leeuwarden, where I coach students in their last year of study for a bachelor in law. In this last year they have to design and perform a research in legal applied sciences.


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I have a legal background: I studied public administration at Bachelor level and law at the University in Groningen at Master level and worked for 25 years for several governments. In a few of these jobs I did research in public administration and law.

My focus in the field of law is the enforcement of law in specific. With this last part of my background, I have become a member of the project “Public Order Maintenance in a Digital Environment (‘Mayor in Cyber Space’)". The main research question in this project is whether administrative law and the authority of the mayor can be used to regulate online activities that constitute a threat to the public order. This research has led to follow-ups on this topic, to which I contribute at the moment.