Podcast Study in Holland

Putting down your roots as an international student can be challenging, but also very exciting. In the Study in Holland podcast we talk about what it’s like to live in the Netherlands as an international student. Using statements to trigger the discussion, four students share their surprise and disbelief, their thoughts and experiences – and come up with some great tips. 

Episode 1: The social life

The Study in Holland podcasts are hosted by Dutch NHL Stenden student Lotje with this week's guests Vincent from Berlin, Jade from Zimbabwe and Dale from Zimbabwe.   

Episode 2: Housing

Our Dutch host Lotje will discuss Dutch housing matters with guests Vincent from Berlin, Jade from Zimbabwe, and student Lea from Spain.  

Episode 3: The food

It seems our international students think Dutch cuisine is mainly deep-fried. Not always the healthy option maybe, but, wow, those snacks taste good! Our Dutch host Lotje will discuss Dutch cuisine with our international students Vincent, Jade and Kateryna. 

Episode 4: The Dutch

So the Dutch are renowned for being direct and it can be a good thing but our students do signal a fine line... between being direct and just being mean. That said, it seems everyone is pretty friendly, saying hi on the street and returning well wishes. Listen to Lotje and our international students and learn about Dutch people.

Episode 5 – The Educational System

When it comes to the educational system, the international students share their experience of life at university in the Netherlands. What do they think of Dutch lecturers? Just how chill is it to work with students from all over the world? How well does NHL Stenden prepare you for your future work? And to what extent is the unversity also a social meeting point? What are the places to go if you want to have a chat and where should you go if you want to study quietly? The students end the podcast by sharing tips you should not miss out on.

Episode 6 - Choosing what to study? 

Choosing what to study is no easy task so it's always great to be able to compare notes with others going through the same process. Our students talk about why it's so amazing to study abroad and see new things, gain new perspectives, meet different kinds of people. It may all sound pretty serious but our international students are dead set on the benefits – especially when studying in the Netherlands. Whether the differences are big or small, our students feel at home, but what is it about this country that makes it so good. Is it what Jade says? Everything just works? And what does she mean?