NHL Stenden

Sustainable Education

Technicians work on environmentally friendly innovations. Restaurant owners want less food waste. And teachers play an important part in creating awareness among future generations. This shows that sustainability is an important theme for every discipline. Sustainability is therefore included in every study programme at our university of applied sciences.

Design Based Education

NHL Stenden has a unique educational concept: Design Based Education (DBE). Sustainable education is one of the five aspects of this educational concept. No matter what you study, you will always encounter the sustainability aspects of your future professional field, for example by:

  • Realising meaningful solutions for society;
  • Tackling social issues for real-life clients;
  • Cooperating in workshops with students, lecturers, researchers and the professional field.

Sustainable Studies

Because of our interdisciplinary education and the cooperation in workshops, sustainability receives ample attention in all of our study programmes. Furthermore, a number of our courses contain a unique or specialised offer regarding sustainability. Discover them below.

AD Logistics and Economy

Contains a sustainable improvement module.

Biology and Medical Laboratory Research

Offers the possibility to specialise in sustainable raw materials and a green economy.

Chemistry (Emmen)

Offers the opportunity to conduct research into a sustainable society.

Chemistry (Leeuwarden)

Pays a lot of attention to sustainable solutions and socially responsible possibilities.

Chemical Technology

Teaches possibilities to improve the world, such as dissolving plastic bags or safe artificial grass for football fields.

Electrical Engineering

Focuses on the application of energy saving solutions and environmentally friendly design.

Master International Hospitality and Service Management

Pays a lot of attention to sustainable developments in the hospitality industry, such as the prevention of food waste and the use of fair local products.

Master International Leisure, Tourism and Events Management

Teaches you everything about sustainable leisure & tourism and allows you to work on projects with the European Tourism Futures Institute (EFTI).

Master Design Driven Innovation

Trains you to become an expert in solving complex social issues.

Tourism Management

Received the AISHE qualification for the integration of sustainability into the study programme.

Mechanical Engineering

Puts the focus on the application of sustainable synthetics by large companies.


Is our excellence programme in which students apply their talents to make the world a better, more beautiful and cleaner place.