Hello! We are the Student Council of Creative Business. The bridge between the CB study and the students. StuCo CB is an organization that thrives on making your study experience as valuable and enjoyable as possible. Our four departments Marketing, Event, Design, and Development, organize and promote exciting events suitable for every CB student! 

Are you keen to meet other students, expand your skills or show off your creativity? The Event Department eagerly plans, manages and arranges fun and creative events for you. And if you don’t know which of these events would suit you best, don’t worry, our online event matcher is here for you. It will match your interest and hobbies with the most fitting StuCo CB activity. These events are being promoted and advertised on our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn), thanks to our Marketing Department. Our Design Department captures the look and feel of every cheerful and fun event by creating unique visual content. Last but not least, for making each event better and the study itself a greater and more developed place for CB students, the Development Department focuses on helping CB students with study/ university-related problems.

If you want to meet the whole team of passionate and outgoing students, or you want to get a sneak peek of our events, check out our social media channels and join the creative adventure with us, your StuCo CB.