Lisa's study experience

“I have to dream big because otherwise, I’ll disappoint myself”
Student Creative Business

Lisa (22) is a Dutch third-year Creative Business student (CB, previously Media and Entertainment Management) at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. We asked her opinion about the course and Problem-Based Learning* (PBL). Find out how she experiences student life at NHL Stenden in Leeuwarden!

International approach and Problem-based Learning

‘I really like the CB study programme. It is offered in Dutch and English. At first, I was placed in the Dutch programme. However, I chose this study because of the international approach, so I asked to be transferred to the international stream from the second year onwards. Meeting people with different cultural backgrounds is really interesting to me.

I feel the study programme could have more practical aspects. Luckily, it doesn’t make the study programme any less attractive, because the theoretical part is quite important. This course adds a lot to my management and theoretical knowledge. 

NHL Stenden works with the PBL system, which I find amazing. You get to know the people in your class and everybody has to participate. For me, it’s hard not to speak my mind all the time, so it’s really helpful to learn to let other people have a turn as well.’


A passion for media

‘I grew up in Utrecht with my parents and little sister and I have always been interested in all forms of media. I want to develop myself in the media world as a manager. Mainly, because I know what it is like to be in front of the camera and I want to find out what it would be like behind the camera too. 

My passion for media began in my childhood, growing up with theatre and joining drama classes. I wanted to study theatre, but at the time I was too young to get accepted at the theatre school.

At first, I didn’t consider Leeuwarden as an option, as it was quite far away from home and I didn’t know much about the north of the Netherlands. However, the way in which NHL Stenden described the study programme, made it feel like it was exactly what I was looking for. It really focuses on the international part, so you have a lot of options to study abroad. Travelling is my passion and the combination with media is perfect for me! When I saw that NHL Stenden focuses on international opportunities and that they offer a media programme, my decision was made.’

Exchange experience and media ambitions

‘At the moment I am busy preparing for my next adventure, I will be going on an exchange in Denmark. Before I started studying here, I travelled to Australia which gave me a lot of freedom. I really like to decide things on my own, which is why I’m going on an exchange and also to develop myself even more. I’m really looking forward to it. I chose Denmark because the university there offers the creative elements I’m looking for to complement my study.

Afterwards, I’d like to show other people what it’s like to go on an exchange. So maybe I am going to make a documentary. 

Recently, I saw a Facebook post with a casting call for actresses and I thought it was perfect for me, so I auditioned for the main part. I got the part and the experience of making a film has been amazing! I‘ve learned a lot in that time. This year the completed movie, Nefarious, was released. 

In the future, I would like to have my own show like Floortje Dessing does (a Dutch TV host of travelling programmes, ed.). I have to dream big because otherwise, I’ll disappoint myself. 

When I was little I always dressed up like Marilyn Monroe among others, because people like her inspire me. For me, it’s important to dream big, to reach something, and to inspire people.’

* Please note that, while PBL is still used in the majority of our courses, all study programmes work towards implementing the new Design Based Education system.