Marisa Greiner's Grand Tour

“In August 2019 Marisa went on her Grand Tour journey, and this is how a typical day looked like to her.”
Marisa Greiner
Student Creative Business

This is Marisa, she is 24 years old, half German half Italian but grew up in Germany. She studied at NHL Stenden the course of Media Entertainment Management, which is now called Creative Business Management. For her semester abroad, Marisa decided to go on Grand Tour. The minors she chose are called Mindful Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Action, which is taught in Bali, Indonesia.

“I get up in the morning and have classes till lunch, then I get myself some food and start studying and doing homework in the afternoon, after all you are still there to learn something. Most of the time I went to a café in Canggu to do that, that was one of my favourite working spots. After finishing my cores as a student, I either go to the gym or the Beach. Down at the beach I meet some friends and we either go for a surf or just relaxed and enjoy the beautiful sunsets in Bali. In the evening we find ourselves a nice restaurant to have dinner and let the evening end. This is how most of my days looked like with the exception that on some days we went on field trips with our class.”

“Be open for anything. Take it all in, use any opportunities and enjoy!”
Marisa Greiner
Exchange student

What Marisa liked most about her journey was the opportunity to get to know a new country with its culture and people. When studying abroad there is so much to learn about working with different nationalities and cultures. Her tip for anyone who plans on doing Grand Tour: “Be open for anything. Take it all in, use any opportunities and enjoy!”

Even though Marisa decided to do her internship in LA she is now back in Bali and currently working as a marketing manager for a café and lifestyle and fitness brand based in Bali. She is also planning to start working on her own charity to help families who lost their job due to corona. The insights she gained and the research she had to perform during her minor are now helping her to start her brand in Bali. If you want to find out more about Marisa´s journey or see more footage of her Grand Tour time, then check out her Instagram @marisagreiner.