Submit an objection

If you would like to file an objection, for example if your application for admission to a course offered by NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences has been rejected or if you object to the tuition fees charged by our institution, you can file an objection within six weeks after the decision was announced.

How does it work?

Filing your objection

Handling of objections

We will first attempt to reach a settlement depending on the outcome of the preliminary stage. If this attempt to resolve the issue is unsuccessful, the Disputes and Complaints Committee will officially review and evaluate your objection.

  • Within three weeks of filing your objection, you will receive an invitation to attend a session of the Disputes and Complaints Advisory Committee.
  • The decision reached during this session will constitute a recommendation for NHL Stenden’s Board of Governors.
  • Based on the recommendation, the Board of Governors will then make a decision and inform you of this decision in writing. The time elapsed between the date the objection was filed and the date when the Board of Governors reaches a decision should not exceed ten weeks.

Disagreement with a decision of the Board of Governors

You can file an appeal with the Higher Education Appeals Board.