Unlock the world at NHL Stenden 

NHL Stenden is a multi-campus university of applied sciences firmly rooted in the northern part of the Netherlands with a strong international focus. It draws on the rich histories, network and experience of two institutions, NHL and Stenden, that date back to 1845. Merged in 2018, the combination of the two institutions’ strengths means that as NHL Stenden today, we can be confident of providing our students with the best possible education. Both institutions, NHL and Stenden, focused on the practical application of their students’ own ideas and solutions and this continues to be at the core of our educational concept. It is an interdisciplinary approach with a practical focus, with students, researchers, staff and industry working together on real-life assignments and sharing their innovative ideas in practice.    

The future calls for enterprising and resourceful professionals who know how to translate their knowledge into innovative solutions and who have the vision and courage needed to look beyond their own professional field. That is the strength of NHL Stenden: in a rapidly changing world, our people make the impossible possible.   

Welcome to NHL Stenden!