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The minor e-business accommodates the growing interest of companies for the internet. Until now the use of internet in companies is under exposed. In the module E-business you are put to work for an existing company. You are asked to develop an e-business strategy and write a plan that puts the strategy to work. Next to the strategic focus of the module attention will be given to the conditions a good website has to accommodate. Theme’s that will be discussed are usability and search engine optimization.



  • Semester: fall and spring 
  • Amount of ECTS: 30

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In the module e-business you gain insights on how to develop e-business activities for companies. This is done by focussing on four main items. 

E-marketing is focussing on the new marketing methods which are related to the internet. 

ICT skills give you the skills needed to build your own concept website. 

You will be searching for the state of the art in e-business, focussing on all the latest developments that can be seen on the internet. 

All the above parts come together in the e-business plan. Which describes the influence of the environment, consumers and competitors. And how you will deal with these issues applying service, marketing, operations and logistics. 

The minor e-business i asking you to apply your previously acquired knowledge in a real business situation. It asks you to develop the following competences: 

  • Commerciality: developing e-business in a, for consumers, appealing way; 
  • Entrepreneurship: finding the gap in the focus market; 
  • Informing and advising: giving advice on investmentsand possible e- business activities; 
  • Communication: through the internet; 
  • Co-operating: as an international, multicultural group co-operating with companies; 
  • Analysing and synthesising: analysis of market environment and developing a plan accordingly. 
  • Method: Lectures, computer workshops en CBL (case based learning) 
  • Examination: Participation in PBL sessions, written assignments and a presentation 
  • Number of credits: 15 ECTS 
  • Entry requirements: Study year 3 and 4 of all educations 
  • Status of the module: Minor module Small Business and Retail Management 
  • Semester: Spring, module period 3+4, max 2 places per module period