Transmedia Storytelling

The minor Transmedia Storytelling is about creating a story world by using different media platforms. In addition, each medium tells its own unique part of the story. Productions can include mixes of social media, events, games, and movies. Transmedia has specific characteristics such as 'participation of the audience' and 'community building'. It can be used to create story worlds that are also suitable for marketing purposes.



  • Semester: fall
  • Level: second, third, or final year
  • Amount of ECTS: 30
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The minor trains students to become professionals in the field of (online) storytelling. Qualified multi-platform storytellers and world builders are required to give shape to new issues of communication and multimedia. In this course, you’ll be working on real projects from the field. We invest in long-term cooperation with partners to build innovative products. Throughout the whole semester, you’ll be working on one or more projects in one or more teams.

Storytelling, world building, concept development, content development such as video and other forms of multimedia, are key focus areas within the minor. At the end of the period, the transmedia solutions, designs, and products will be presented to the partners.

One of the most important aspects of the minor is sharing of knowledge and experiences between the project groups and companies and research groups.