Applied Arts - G.I.S.T.

G.I.S.T. is short for Growth – Innovation – Sharing and Tenacity. ‘Gist’ is the Dutch word for yeast, the stuff that makes bread rise and beer bubble. In this context, it is about your personal growth and the drive to make sparkling ideas become reality.



  • Semester: spring
  • Level: third year
  • Amount of ECTS: 30

Gist’ offers a stimulating environment for students from various art and design-based courses.

From an artistic perspective, GIST aims to stimulate the intrinsic motivation and offers room for personal development, co-creation and entrepreneurship. It is about the challenge and aims to strengthen and deepen artistic knowledge, experience and exploration and to connect your own ambition with results. This will lead to innovative perspectives and exciting crossovers between different disciplines.

In the second half of the minor, you will look for a platform for your ideas and products. You will test and improve concepts and finally exhibit finished works in a public space.

 Gist is embedded in DBE (Design-Based Education) but it has its own characteristics. The starting point is your own fascinations and your intrinsic motivation to make artistic work and to undertake artistic research within a learning community. You are given the opportunity to explore your ideas, to explore techniques and skills and to develop meaningful learning questions.

It is, therefore, necessary to have an attitude that involves: an open mind, a willingness to share ideas and skills and to co-operate with classmates, students from similar or other backgrounds and sometimes with externals, such as art and design-related professionals and entrepreneurs

Location: Leeuwarden

Semester: Spring semester[HGvd1] 
Credits: 30 ECTS 

Examination: Portfolio assessment

Level: year 3

Admission requirements: Propaedeutic level achieved in the domain of arts

Offered by Fine Art and Design in Education

In the minor, you may choose to attend lessons in Painting (period 3), 3D Constructive Design (period 3), Film (period 4), Photography and Digital Design (period 4). You may choose these courses if you feel they will deliver a strengthening factor or specific facet to your work for the Minor, or for your own artistic skills during the study period.  

Be aware that you cannot attend only parts of a course.  For instance, if you choose ‘Painting’, you must attend all of the lessons for the duration of the eight-week course.