Intercultural Understanding & Religion

The intercultural understanding and religion programme aims to foster cultural and religious literacy and sensitivity, and a critical awareness of personal values, world views and preferences among teachers and other professionals.



  • Semester: Fall
  • Amount of ECTS: 30

  • Location: Meppel

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Students discuss theories of religion, secularisation, and the development of values in the context of cultural and religious pluralism. Participation in and facilitation of dialogue, and conflict resolution is part of the course. The approach to issues of value pluralism and religious diversity are both theoretical and practical, and students are expected to participate in workshops and exercises, and actively engage in theoretical discussions. The subject is studied with global awareness and international issues in mind.

The course consists of three modules of 10 ECTS each: Culture, religion and society; Major world religions; Practical ethics and philosophical practice.

  • Location: Meppel
  • Semester: fall
  • Credits: 30 ECTS
  • Methods: Cooperative learning, lectures, seminars, action learning, task/problem-based learning and presentations of products.
  • Examination: A variety of spoken and written tests and assignments
  • Entry requirements: All students must ensure that NHL Stenden holds a police check/child safety certificate before they commence any practical teaching experience in primary schools.
  • Language: Before commencing this minor, all participating students must be highly proficient in English, i.e. clearly use English at a CEFR level C1 and provide an IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL or other recognised certificate. 
  • Extra costs: € 250 for excursions