Cruise Management 1

Today, many ships are the size of small cities, with unique facilities
as ice skating rinks, the latest spa innovations and much more. Each time after the introduction of a new ship, it will be more difficult to come up with a novelty to attract attention and gain market shares in this highly competitive business.



  • Semester: fall and spring
  • Amount of ECTS: 15
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To operate the ships there are also a lot of staff working shoreside in the cruise industry. We will take a look at a number of these
positions which might also be interesting for students looking for a job in the cruise industry at a later stage.

The minor consists of eight (weekly) themes:

  • Industry Overview
  • Operations
  • N&T department and the Law at Sea Sales and Marketing
  • HRM
  • Destination Management
  • Shipbuilding
  • Shore Side 

After participating in this module, you should be able to:

  1. Analyse the cruise line industry and develop a vision based on the results of the analysis.

  2. Analyse the hotel operations of a cruise ship and can identify the differences compared with a regular hotel operation.

  3. Identify all the hotel-related departments of a cruise ship and can describe the relationship with the hotel department. 

  4. Identify and describe the nautical and technical departments of a cruise ship. 

  5. Analyse HRM aspect of a cruise ship and can identify the difference compared with a regular hotel operation.

  6. Develop a vision for the future of the cruise line industry.

  7. Have knowledge of the construction of a cruise ship.

  8. Analyse the financial performance of a cruise ship and a cruise line company.

  9. Develop a sales and marketing plan for a cruise line company. 

  10. Have knowledge of cruise line related law.

  11. Analyse the cruise line industry in relation to the environment.

  12. Gain insight into shore excursions and how they are handled both by cruise line companies and Destination Management Companies.

  13. Understand the importance of Destination Marketing and cruise alliances.


Ate de Groot

Number of credits


Status of the module

Minor module Hotel Management School

Entry requirements

Basic knowledge of Hotel-, Tourism and Leisure management concepts, English at B2 level

Disciplines and Subjects

Marketing, HR, Operations, Project Management, Management Skills, Excursion to ship and Meyer Ship Yard Germany


Case Based Learning, Fieldtrips, Workshops,(Guest) Lectures

Extra costs

€ 70 for field trips


Tests, CBL assessment, report, defence