Alexander Grünewald

“It’s interesting to learn about sustainability and implementing it in our work.”
Alexander Grünewald
Student Tourism Management

Alexander Grunewald, (22) is a German third-year Tourism Management student. He lives with his boyfriend in the center of Leeuwarden. At the moment he is researching the East-European Culture, but he could do something completely different tomorrow. ‘I live one day at the time’.

“In Germany I worked at a Tourism related marketing-office. I was really interested in the Tourism aspect of the industry. So when a friend of mine went to the Open Day at NHL Stenden, he grabbed a flyer and took it home for me. That’s how it started, after reading the flyer I was immediately enthusiastic and started researching the course.”

The Netherlands

“Choosing to move to The Netherlands for my study was not a difficult decision for me. Our cultures are a lot alike. A few differences I noticed are that the classes at NHL Stenden are a lot smaller and more personal than the classes in Germany. Also the contact with the teachers is more informal. In Germany we usually don’t talk with teachers about what we do in our free time, but it’s very normal to do so here and is part of our study coulture. Next to the minimal cultural differences, the city really spoke to me. I visited an Open Day myself and went on a walk through the city afterwards. Rain was pouring down and it was pretty cold, but I really felt like I belonged here.”

Sustainable lessons

“The different projects we have here keeps the learning process very dynamic and interesting. We have had multiple presentations from organizations like TUI, Schiphol Airport and McDonalds. For me, these different aspects really make this a great course. Other than the presentations we also learn a lot about sustainability and self-awareness. We study and work in an industry that is not always experienced as one of the most sustainable industries. It’s interesting to learn about sustainability and how we can implement this in our future work and our personal lives.”

One day at the time

“Tourism Management is a study with a wide range in possibilities around the world. I love this, because I know that I can go wherever I want to go after my studies. I haven’t planned my future out yet, I see from day to day what speaks to me, inspires me and motivates me. This course gives me the freedom to do so, I live one day at the time”

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