Bastian Rashek

Bastiaan Rashek
“It’s about the experience – for guests and staff”
Bastian Rashek
Alumnus Hotel Management School

Director of Revenue Management in Germany & Nordics for the Odyssey Hotel Group, Bastian aims to bring hostmanship to the workfloor so that teams remain motivated, even when obstacles bar the way.

Identify what motivates people to get the best out of them

Soft skills are important in whatever field you work in. You get hired and have a career based on your attitude first and your knowledge second, so work with this. Although my job is essentially about forecasting the future and changing prices accordingly for the hotels, it’s also about how we retain and motivate people. We ask people what they want, offer flexible hours and job sharing, we have a weekly newsletter with stories by colleagues, and we meet standing up and in different places. It’s a flexibility that filters through to your mindset and when you are flexible, there’s more to gain.

Become a game changer

Empathy is key. Listen to people, whoever they are, as it will help you respond to changes ahead of others. If you can prove yourself in constructive discussions and unravel challenges as a team, you can become a strong leader.

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