Eduardo Losasso

“ITESS feels like family”
Eduardo Losasso
International Teacher Education for Secondary Schools student

Eduardo Losasso had long dreamed of becoming an international school teacher, in part so as to relive the amazing experience he had himself at an international school – but from the other side of the class. Inspired by the great teachers he had, Eduardo moved to Groningen to do the bachelor's degree in International Teacher Education for Secondary Schools at NHL Stenden.

“I lived in Eindhoven for two years during my final years of middle school and then went to the Linguistic High School of Novara . Now, I am living and studying in Groningen*. I originally come from a small town in the north of Italy but the time I spent at the international school in Eindhoven helped me a lot in my learning and maturing process. I'd actually always dreamt of becoming an International School teacher and being able to relive that amazing experience from the other side of the class. I've had bad teachers in my school career, but also many good ones and it was those great teachers that inspired me to study International Teacher Education. They helped me become the person I am now (academically and non-academically), and I want to help future generations in their most important period of their lives.” 

* The study programme ITESS is re-located to the city of Meppel as of 2023-2024. 

Practical experience 

“The strength of the ITESS course is the amount of hands-on experience your get as a student during the four years. You not only work on various practical projects and assessments but also get four periods of teaching practice. The teaching practice forms the core of this course and I like that so much importance is placed on the practical aspect of every single subject given by ITESS teachers.” 

“During the third year, we get the chance to follow a minor at a partner university. I love social studies and history so I decided to actually start a pre-master's in history at Groningen University. Once I've graduated from ITESS, I’ll finish the pre-master's and then do a history master before going on to look for a job. I think it's important to look for something that attracts and interests you, and, for me, that's history.” 

Student community 

“ITESS feels like family because we always meet each other on campus and spend a lot of time together during and after classes. Thanks to ITESS, I'm surrounded by new great friends and people that have helped me a lot during these four important years. I love the great community NHL Stenden and ITESS have, especially as it's so international. And I really appreciate the opportunities we get to apply the knowledge we gain during lessons in projects, assessments and experiences like internships. It's a true reflection of NHL Stenden's values of being an international university of applied sciences with a practical approach.” 

To find out more about the programme, check out the International Teacher Education for Secondary Schools programme page or request the programme brochure.