Greta Deike

“The Grand Tour was exactly the experience I was looking for.”
Greta Deike
Leisure and Events Management student

Leisure and Events Management student Greta had always wondered what went on behind the scenes at musicals, festivals and other big events. So much so, that she started to dream of being the one running the show. 

“I got to know NHL Stenden at an education fair in 2018. I was triggered by the idea of studying in the Netherlands. Another culture, another language, but still close to home in Germany. That’s how I ended up choosing Leisure and Events management.”  

 The Leisure Fam 

“We call the students on our programme the Leisure Fam. In the Study Start Week, you get introduced to your ‘mums’ and ‘dads’ which may seem a little weird in the beginning. But as soon as you find your friends within the studies, you realise that they are your family away from home. It doesn’t matter what year you’re in, we all help each other to make sure everyone passes the assignments. And, along with that, the coaches try to make you feel as comfortable as possible.”   

“I was surprised by how realistic the challenges we work on in our project groups are, including working for real companies. At the moment, I’m interested in different fields of the leisure and event industry. I would love to start by working behind the scenes in a movie and managing the sets, but managing a venue is also something I'd like to do at some point in my career. Luckily, I get the chance with this degree to try out my first interest during my internship in the upcoming semester.” 

Cultural insights 

“After getting to know a new culture by living abroad, I realised I wanted to get to know as many other cultures as possible too. I saw my chance with the Grand Tour. I’ve opted to go to South Africa and Thailand. Not just going on vacation to another country but staying there for 2 ½ months was exactly the experience I was looking for. And that is what I am doing now, getting to know how people here in South Africa live, work and study.” 

“In South Africa there’s no electricity for several hours during the day due to load shedding. It got me interested in finding out what innovations South Africans are focusing on so as to deal with this. That’s why I’m now doing the minor Change and Innovation, to see and understand the difference between European ideas of where change is needed and the South African ideas.” 

A different way of life 

“The benefit of the Grand Tour is that while you live a completely different life, you grow as a person and get to know what it’s like to live on the other side of the world – and it also looks great on your CV. The visa application was a drawback for some, but NHL Stenden supports its students in whatever way it can.”   

“Life as a student at NHL Stenden is different every day, no matter where you are. In the Netherlands, it’s little things like having to keep in mind that bridges might be open on your way to uni so you need to give yourself more time. Or in South Africa, taking load shedding into account for when you want to charge your devices.  All in all, if you start studying at NHL Stenden, you never know what tomorrow will bring. Something exciting and new awaits you behind every door.”  

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