Karina Pohl

“I was sure I’d learn many essential things”
Karina Pohl
International Teacher Education for Primary Schools student

When Karina Pohl decided she wanted to study, she knew she wanted it to be somewhere where she could learn new perspectives and get out of her comfort zone. The International Teacher Education for Primary Schools (ITEPS) programme in Meppel gave her just this opportunity – and it’s opening the world to more. 

“I love being in this international environment, getting to know and learn from so many new people from different cultures and places. Before ITEPS, I wasn’t even aware of the cultural varieties between German-speaking places! I’ve become much more aware of the meaning of culture and what my culture means to me. And not only are the students from different places, the teachers also have different backgrounds with many exciting life experiences. As new places and people have always interested me and as I wanted to travel around the world, this programme really was the best choice for me.”  


Personal attention 

“Something that makes ITEPS special is the attention you get from the lecturers. They are really there for you. Your learning and professional development are their priority and they’re always willing to help us and do the best for us. In the beginning, I wasn’t aware of how important a good student-teacher relationship was but I really see the benefits now.” 

Practical experience 

“The course content was one of the main reasons I chose this course – and not just because of what is taught but also how it’s taught. After just one year of ITEPS, I was sure I’d learned many essential things other teacher training programmes couldn’t have offered. And I’m confident it’s because of the design-based education concept. Everything we learn is really close to reality, so what I do and learn makes sense. It includes active and social learning and it’s set in realistic contexts that teach you valuable lessons.” 

“For instance, we do internships, what we call teaching practice, in each year of the course. And that for 4 to 12 weeks each year, in total up to 8 months. Finding a similar programme that allows you to put theory into practice that often is less likely. Textbooks and theory are not everything; it's even the contrary when working with children! Practice and experience are essential, and you can learn so much quickly and in a safe environment while being on teaching practice. It means that when I graduate I can start working having already gained plenty of experience.  At the moment, I’m on my internship at an international school in Miskolc, Hungary. It’s giving me the chance to combine two crucial points: learning and travelling. I have had the chance to learn so much from my mentor teachers and this environment, develop in specific areas, and grow into being a teacher.”  

“Everyone always says the world is open to you if you just get out there. Well, that's only sometimes manageable, and not to mention difficult. ITEPS gives you this chance: it opens the world for you.” 

To find out more about the programme, check out the International Teacher Education for Primary Schools programme page or request the programme brochure