Kornél Tóth

“Having accommodation arranged for you is a great plus”
Kornél Tóth
Hospitality Management student

I love a challenge, trying out new things, expanding my knowledge and exploring new settings. I come from Hungary but have lived in different places so I was pretty confident about coming on my own to the Netherlands to study hotel management.

“The high level of English and the practical approach, design-based education, are what really drew me. Working in a real-life environment and getting managerial experience before you even graduate isn't something many universities offer.” 

Full programme  

“Hospitality Management is a vivid and lively programme because there's so much going on. For one of the projects in my third year, I went to Portugal with the rest of my atelier group to visit and observe our industry partner, gather in-depth research and get to know them thoroughly. I felt it was an honour to be there. It´s great to be able to work with external industry partners, but we also get to attend networking events and of course there´s the option of going on Grand Tour or Exchange to do a minor.” 

“I decided to go on Grand Tour because I wanted to hold on to using design-based education.” (The Grand Tour minors are given at NHL Stenden Grand Tour partner locations and use the same educational approach. Exchange minors are offered by partner institutes and don't necessarily use the practical approach.) “Moreover, it was important for me to hear previous student perspectives before moving to the other side of the world. Of course, the great variety of minors made me confident in believing that I would find the one that suited me best.”   

The mindful manager 

“If you’ve ever had a boss you disliked, then you might understand what makes me eager to become a better one! I want to ensure that when I get to work in the management of a bigger company, that I will apply equity, fairness, great leadership skills and mindfulness. And that’s why I chose to do the Mindful Leadership minor in Thailand; I’m keen to understand how mindful activities can be incorporated into the corporate world.” 

“The regular field trips that help us get to know the real Bangkok and Thai culture definitely made my choice easier, but the ‘convenience’ of having the accommodation arranged for us was also a great plus. Of course, there are still things you have to arrange yourself. I wouldn't necessarily call them struggles, but you do need to look carefully into what you need if you're moving outside of Europe, like visa requirements, vaccinations and insurance and their expenses.”  

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