Mark Struik

Mark Struik
“Good opportunities will come – it’s just sometimes you have to ask for them.”
Mark Struik
Alumnus Hotel Management School

Mark’s career has seen a merger of his love of hospitality with his passion for sales. Now CEO of Please Ask M, the AI assistant for the meetings industry, he aims to help hotels focus on the guest experience rather than organisational rigmarole.

If you want to make a difference, now is the time

I love creating efficiency so that we can make a difference for guests. My decisions are data-driven and I truly believe that we are part of the fourth industrial revolution (that of data and artificial intelligence) and being part of that change is really energising. With new technologies and new ways of applying this we can really change the way the hospitality world works and make it a better and healthier place. When I started out in hospitality, I wasn’t really aware of the commercial side of the business, but I see it as where we start catering to our guests needs – and there’s so much opportunity to be gained.

Become a game changer

Think bigger than your job description and use your network, but don’t lose sight of your role. It will mean the right people can get in the right place at the right time. Don’t forget that the right person could be you!

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