Márton Parádi

Márton - student ES
“The Online Open Day was way bigger and more informative than I'd imagined”
Márton Parádi
European Studies student

As an international student, you probably spend a lot of time online exploring all the different options open to you and reaping in as much information as you can. For Márton Parádi, NHL Stenden's Online Open Day gave him the chance to compare the different degrees he was interested in doing and get information on very practical matters such as accommodation, location and, very importantly, finances.

“My final decision of where and what I wanted to study actually came quite late, just four months before I started at NHL Stenden. I'd wanted to keep my options open and had applied to quite a few universities, partly because I wasn't completely sure about what I wanted to study. I did a lot of online research and focused first on the degree subject, not the university or country. It had to be something related to economics or politics and as European Studies was a good mix of the two (plus a number of other aspects too), I ended up choosing it as my major.”

Presented by students

“In my search for the right university, I considered a lot of aspects, like quality of education, location, environment, and most importantly, finances. The Online Open Day was my chance to gather more information about all these aspects as well as about the different courses and the university of applied sciences itself. When it came to the day, it was way bigger and more informative than I'd imagined. There were loads of different presentations and lots of discussions on a range of topics. And it was all presented by students. That was really remarkable. It gave me an excellent impression of studying at NHL Stenden and really helped me and my parents with answering questions we had about the study programmes.”  

Useful and informative

“The Online Open Day answered so many of my questions that it made me feel that my journey here would be clear and without serious obstacles. It got me excited about coming here and I spent the summer really looking forward to starting my studies. There was only one thing I'd underestimated: getting a bike. They'd talked about it during the Online Open Day but I didn't really pay much attention and didn't think it would be much of a problem. In fact, it wasn't that easy and I ended up renting one, which has worked out more expensive in the long run. In terms of life in Leeuwarden, the Online Open Day was very accurate. The students hosting the event shared their experiences and I've been through pretty much the same situations myself now. In that respect, my journey to where I am now has actually been without serious obstacles: the Online Open Day meant I knew what to expect.

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