Mohammed's internship at the United Nations

“To do great work, you have to find the job you love. ”
International Business student

For his International Business internship Mohammed Mostafa (25) is working for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. His tasks are diverse and the people he works with too! From NGOs and companies to athletes and celebrities. 

“My internship has been thrilling and I've got to work with celebrities, meet with high-level United Nations officials, engage with young champions and youths from 130+ countries and work in New York, USA and Geneva, Switzerland. I'm a Graphic Design Intern for the New York global desk, Global Communications Service, Division of External Relations in the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Although my posting is in New York, I also work with the headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. At the moment, I'm working remotely from the Netherlands, but I'll soon be travelling to the headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.” 


Internship abroad

One of the highlights of your study career at NHL Stenden, no matter the study, is -without a daubt- your final internship year!

Structured and diverse days 

“Most of my time is spent creating designing, and editing animated GIFs, graphics, photos, presentations, reports, templates, videos, and so on for various global activities, events, and projects. And I research arts, artists, designs, digital trends, and trending content on various social media platforms. I also take courses on numerous topics provided by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Challenge, to improve my expertise, knowledge, and skills, and I meet with various teams to work on different projects and tasks. My days are full but structured, with two updates a day on various social engagements, stories and news that mentions UNHCR as well as updates on different refugee situations.”  

Work and learn at NHL Stenden 

“I like that I get to advocate and raise awareness about refugees, engage youths worldwide, work with artists and celebrities, and work on various global projects in a very diverse and multicultural team and environment. And it's good that the workplace uses the Design Thinking method, basically the same structure as NHL Stenden's Design-Based Education (DBE). As I'm currently working remotely, it means I can work at the NHL Stenden campus – I like working in the study landscapes there. It also means I can still go out with my friends in the evenings and explore the Netherlands in the weekend, visiting different places and cities and learning more about the culture, country and its people.” 

“It's important to get involved with extracurricular activities while you're studying. NHL Stenden helped me connect with different companies and I've been president and chairman for NGOs, participation councils and student associations in Bali, Bangkok, California, Doha and Leeuwarden. It's these extracurricular activities that help you learn new languages and skills and help you find your passions. And then you can follow your dreams and find the job you love the most.” 

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