One of the highlights of your study career at NHL Stenden, no matter the study, is without a doubt your internship! It's while you’re doing your internship that you get to prove and discover what you’re worth. In our opinion, your internship offers you a taste of the “real world”.

  • Work in an international environment
  • Develop your network in the field
  • Find out how your ideas really work in reality
  • Learn to embrace the unknown
  • See your thesis having effect in the company you work for

Why an internship?

Depending on the degree you are studying, you can do a longer internship in your third or final year. It's your chance to develop your (international) work experience, and it's a chance to explore the field, find out what really motivates you and even show how well you have mastered your subjects. If it's an internship in your final year, then it may be intertwined with your thesis and you'll not only explore a question relevant to the company you're working in, but also give advice on action they could take.

Want to know what an internship in the Netherlands or abroad is like?

Read below about the experiences of three students who went on an internship and find out more about their journey.