Ana-Victoria Varlan

“Everything is about your intention and what you want to create”
Ana-Victoria Varlan
Hospitality Management student

The chance to do an internship abroad, in a 5-star hotel, was something Ana-Victoria definitely wanted to seize. She felt it would open doors and horizons and help her grow professionally and personally. And the hotel she worked for has a motto she fully embraces: live a well-crafted life. 

A fulfilling experience 

“For me, the hospitality industry is a world in which you need to have people sensitivity. You need a sense of natural professionalism, diplomacy and empathy, and be willing to face any challenge. I’ve gained so much experience and expertise during my studies and it’s made me so happy and fulfilled. Hospitality really is the field for me. It makes me feel so empowered: I get to travel, work with people from around the world and explore new perspectives.”  

“The hotel industry is very much about building connections with the right people and my internship was a great example of this. It’s more than just a chance to apply what you’ve learnt in practice, it’s a chance to really build on this knowledge and develop your expertise. I worked as a Rooms Division Manager in Training at the Newbury Boston, US, which meant I got to rotate in the all the main departments of the hotel, from Front Desk to Housekeeping to Guest Experience. Being fully involved in these areas helped me strengthen my cross-departmental communication with the marketing, culinary and sales teams as well. I met so many driven and passionate professionals and I learned so much from them.”  

Part of the family 

“Right from day one, I was made to feel like part of the family at The Newbury. There’s a real belief that what makes a business strong are the people behind it and the connections they create. I learned that everything is about your intention and what you want to create. As I worked in different departments, there was a wide diversity in the tasks I did. At Front Desk for instance, I oversaw operations, managed different situations with guests or employees and solved crisis scenarios, while in Housekeeping I learned real rooms management, inspected rooms at VIP level and managed teams. As a manager in Guest Experience, my tasks were way more unique: taking the lead on delivering amenities every day, writing cards for each upcoming guest and paying attention to the details of their arrival, like if there was a birthday, anniversary or particular business purpose. My leaders gave me the chance to showcase my personality, attention to detail, creativity, critical thinking, and passion in shaping memorable guest experiences. Once part of a Newbury, you are a ‘’creator of moments’ not an employee, and this really boosts your creativity and makes you stand out.” 

Find your rhythm and grow 

“My internship also showed me that as a future leader of a team, I am responsible for my actions, feelings and what I want to demonstrate to guests and associates. It was a challenge at first to keep up with the fast working pace. My leaders encouraged me to find balance between work and leisure time. To take my time to explore Boston, the hotel, the people and seek every time something new that is exciting and entertaining. Once I’d found my rhythm of work and understood more about it, I was able to adapt to the work culture and environment. I liked that I felt that I could grow every day. It’s so important to get out of your comfort zone because otherwise, you'll stop learning. I’ve always been someone who had big dreams and wanted to fly high, but it’s only possible if you are hard-working, confident, ambitious and dedicated – and patient with yourself.”

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