Ramesh BK

Ramesh BK student Business Administration
“I grabbed every opportunity I could and it has brought me where I am now”
Ramesh BK
Business Administration student

Ramesh was born in Nepal and came to the Netherlands in 2019 to study here. Living and studying here has brought him a lot: many new friends and a graduation internship at G-Star. After completing his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, he aims to pursue career opportunities in Europe.

"I was born in Dhading, Nepal, and spent some of my formative years in the capital Kathmandu in an orphanage called OCEAN NEPAL. The orphanage afforded me the invaluable opportunity to receive an education at early age, a foundation that enabled me to successfully complete my high school studies. When the time came to pursue higher education abroad, the Netherlands became my destination of choice, driven by the desire to explore new horizons and opportunities and understanding western culture.”

A change of career

"I initially came to the Netherlands to study IT, the owner of the orphanage and a sponsor supported and motivated me in this choice. Studying in another country was quite exciting and because of the lockdown in the first year I came here, it wasn't always easy to make friends. It also turned out that the IT study did not suit me. I was studying just to pass exams but didn't really enjoy going to school. I started looking for different programs The Business Administration immediately caught my attention in a positive way because this course would teach me the many aspects of businesses.”

"I'm glad I switched studies. With Business Administration, I could literally go in all directions: from working in the health sector to the hospitality industry. The service may be different but there's business administration everywhere. The programme has taught me a lot about professional communication and critical thinking. For example, when I get an new assignment, I dive deep into it to understand where the problem lies and how I can solve it. This makes me more confident and prepares me for the working field.”

Internship at G-Star’s headquarters

"Via LinkedIn, I stumbled upon an internship at the Retail Operations department of  G-Star RAW. This appealed to me because G-star is a large international company with more than 300 stores spread throughout Europe. I was able to get this internship and now I work from the head office in Amsterdam. In my position I support the stores and I am also involved in a number of financial tasks. Soon I will start my graduation research, an employee satisfaction survey. I am planning to send a survey to all the stores in Europe in which employees can give feedback on the support and services provided from the head office in Amsterdam. With these results, I hope to improve the internal business operations." 

Life in Holland

"Next to the graduation internship, I also enjoy life here in the Netherlands. Where Leeuwarden was nice and quiet, without too many distractions, Amsterdam is bustling and there's many fun things to do. Life here has taught me a lot and brought me new friends. In Leeuwarden I played football for a while with the student team and here in Amsterdam I like to go to the gym or the movies with friends I met here. In the beginning I found this quite difficult, but now I see how important it is to build a nice community around you. I managed to do that pretty well!"

Future perspective 

"I am now in the 4th year of the program and my goal is to get my degree  this academic year. After that, I want to go to work, preferably at G-STAR if possible. In any case, I will stay in Europe in the near future to gain more experience in the field."

"For (foreign) students who are in doubt or want to make a switch like me, I definitely recommend Business Administration. Even if you are not yet sure of your career path. This programme prepares you well for the business world and also offers you plenty of opportunities to give direction to your future."

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